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I bought a bunch of games at the same time, this being one of them. I've had it a couple of days now and just haven't got round to playing it. Should I put down the Bit Trip Saga to give this a go? Anyone played it?
I really enjoy the online aspect. It's awesome that you can chat to the people with the mic.

My only complaint is that it's very repetitious and the combat is pretty shallow so it's pretty much like any online game with that kind of gameplay... I've played the single player and it's pretty decent, however, since I bought it for online that's were I've spent most of my time!

Also I stopped playing it after buying 'Rhythm Thief' since it's a really great game, It has that classic Sega charm found in some of their Dreamcast games.
I agree with DHXIII, it's great fun but after a while, single player goes "slash slash slash, move on, slash slash slash, move on"

Multiplayer's a blast though - Well worth playing (and will keep you playing for a good while)
It's a dungeon crawler so it's that's why it's repetitive. But good repetitive. Gives you your monehz worth. Bit Trip on 3DS is fun but has hardly any "meat" to it.
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