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My name is Nick. I'm 18, I love video games, and I listen to all sorts of music. I have an Xbox, a Wii, and I just recently bought myself a PS3 for graduation. I have a DS too, but I hardly ever game on the go because when I do go, I'm with a group of friends. I haven't participated on a forum site since VG District, which started out as Brawl Central. I try to make jokes, but usually they're hit or miss. I'll have fun here, I think.
This one was a hit..

Welcome to the party! I hope you like it here.
I love the Powerglove. It's so bad.

[Image: The-Most-Interesting-Man-in-the-World-Wi...20copy.jpg]
Welcome. Welcome to city 17.
Welcome - Your username is the same as that of a brilliant SNES game... Coincidence I THINK NOT.
Oh no.... That's a huge coincidence. lol
(07-06-2012 03:25 AM)Equinox Wrote: [ -> ]Oh no.... That's a huge coincidence. lol
I meant the comparison of awesomeness Big Grin
Especially given your sig Big Grin
Oh, why thank you my good sir. Your teddy bear creeps me out. Big Grin
Haha, he's an enemy in a game I'm working on. I'm glad you find him creepy since that's the aim!
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