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So here's how it works. I'm going to start with a paragraph of a story. Then, whoever comments adds another paragraph, continuing the story that I started. Then another person comments, and does whatever they want for their paragraph etc.

You can do whatever you want in the paragraph, just try not to completely end the story. Let's get those creative minds to work. Here we go!

Alex was walking through a gloomy forest. He couldn't remember how he got there, but he was determined to get out. Alex could see the sun through the leaves of the trees above him, yet the forest had an eerie chill that froze him to the bones. Unbeknownst to Alex, a strange creature was following him from behind the veil of trees.
With increased heartrate he pulled his silenced pistol out of his belt, trying to make the movement look natural as to not get the creature trailing him suspicious. he cooked the hammer and prepared to turn around and put some holes into his wannabe hunter when a small red light flashed at the upper right peripherie of his field of view. "damn , connection problems again, high speed matrix access is so unreliable today , when will these jerks finish the satellite mantainence?"

He asked himself as he logged out of his favorite full virtual immersion game "Manhunt". Annoyed he jacked the Optical fibercable out of the datajack at the base of his neck, and he was back in his appartment in the real world, on the 52nd floor of the Worthland-building in Lower Eastside New York. He blinked a few times to get rid of the dizzyness that always accompanied the reentry into the real world after a longer stay on the net, then went into the kitchen to get something to drink.
Suddenly he noticed something....
It was a wasp on the wall. The wasp was yellow and black - a fact that annoyed Alex because he was allergic to the colour yellow ever since his dog died in 1927. A knock at the door jerked him out of his revery and he moved towards the sound.
"Who is it ?" he asked, still enraged at the wasp.
"I have come to recover what you took from me," said a voice that was all too familiar.

Alex staggered back. It was...
...a memory, a memory of a life long gone and happiness lost, a memory of promise , of family and a future. When he had more to look forward to tomorrow than cheap take out food , his messy appartment and being plugged into some VR-game all day. "maybe a stronger drink" he thought as he pushed away some empty bottles to grab one still half filled with cheap whisky.

He poured himself a glass and continued to watch the wasp on the desk, that was slowly drowning in a puddle of booze on the counter. "what a metaphore for my life" Alex thought and raised the glass to his lips....
The Devil's water burned as it went down his throat. He had been raised a Catholic, but as he'd grown, he'd seen it for what it really was. A bunch of bull. If there was a God, how could he, or "it" have taken her away from him? No creator could do something so terrible to their inventions. It was as if the big man in the sky was nothing more than a dweeby child with nothing better to do than burn ants with a magnifying glass. He chugged the rest of his drink and...
He danced, and he bounced out of the Earth's atomsphere and then bounced back into its orbit, shattering the fabric of time and space and the universe imploded.

Then he woke up.
...After he came to, he clumsily dragged on to his room, got dressed, and then made his way to the front door,

He place his hand on the access scanner, it lit up with an approving green theme, then the high-tech door slid open, revealing an irresistable, yet familiar face.

"Alex? I've been knocking for the past 10 minutes! We're going to miss the meeting!" she said with a slanted stance and hand on her hip.

"Uhh yeah...*hiccup*..Sorry Stacey."

Damn whiskey's gonna be the death of me...

He started to scratch the plug-in on the back of his neck. It casually itched from time to time, a sign that he needed to go to a Nano-Specialist for a clean-up.

He grabbed his Universal Identification card (U.Id), "red-lighted" access to his apartment, and then followed the woman....
...down the old subway tunnel into the transportation hub, preparing for another monotonous grind of a day. She was talking as faced paced as normal, going on about today's meeting and how important today's sale was. For some reason, today this all seemed even more irrelevant than usual; Why was the sale so important? So he could make a few extra credits a year and just dip them back into the bottle? What was the point of all of this crap anyways, surely selling a few more gate generator parts wasn't saving any lives or ending any of the thousands of wars out there in the galaxy. He was starting to realise just how pointless his existance really was, just another tiny cog in a machine of billions, but what was the machine doing other than further proliferating itself?
Stepping into his usual gate chamber, section 20XX Pod number 42, he realised that this was all nonsense, of course it was. He made a living doing important work to support himself, right? All of that thought before was just nonsense.
The gate performed its usual check, warmed up as he felt that familiar super-nova heat and was evaporated.
When he arrived at the exit gate, he was re-assembled and greeted by...
...the slightly metallic voice of "Nina", this building's A.I and personal assistant of the CEO.

"Hello Nina." Stacey spoke.

"Right on time, Ms.Williamson." she said in a generic joyful tone, "Oh, I see you managed to complete the 'Retrieve Slacker Alex' task that Mr.CEO placed in your personal agenda. I will be sure to record that accomplishment on your U.ID as one of 'Extreme Difficulty'."

"Thank you, Nina." Stacey said while looking at Alex.

"Yea, thanks...good for nothing A.I." Alex muttered to himself.

Nina then materialized into her usual attractive form, a very independent-looking brunette, caucasian woman, brown eyes, about 5'7, and a slight smirk across her face.

She turned and stated, "Now, if you will follow me, the main branch of Gate Corp. has dispatched three of it's most important sponsors to this division to speak with Mr.CEO, and he has personally chosen you two to attend the meeting."

She began to lead them down the all-white nano-tech corridors, towards the CEO's main conference room....
...When suddenly the building shook.

"What the hell was that?" Said Alex before another blast knocked him off his feet. The wall beside them exploded, sending Alex and Stacey into a daze. Men in black, metallic masks invading the building from the hole in the side. Alex tried to get up and run, but he was quickly knocked out from behind.

Alex awoke, bound and gagged, his eyesight stifled by a strip of cloth over his eyes. Alex began struggling to escape, before hearing Nina's voice in the back of his head.

"Calm down Alex, raising your stress levels will only make this worse. As a security measure, I uploaded myself into your nano-chip. If you trust me, I can help all of us get out of here."
..."Stacey! Oh god..Do you know where the hell she is Nina? What'd they do to her?!?!" Alex thought to himself,

His nano-machines picked up his thought process naturally and communicated it to Nina...
People around him were round up by the black clad paramilitaries, and after a few seconds he felt a goon shoving him in the chest and a cold voice muffeld by the mask barking:
"Into the corner with the rest of the staff, murderer!"

He knew that resisting was pointless for the moment , and carefully walked over into the corner , wehre around a dozen other employees sat on the floor with a frightend look on their faces. guarded by two of those clowns in black urban camoflage clothing. He sat down and tried to concentrate, nothing sobered you up quite as fast as mens pointing guns at you.

he looked around. All the employees present were round up here in the corner of the main lobby, under guard ,while 10 more of those jokers strolled around the Hall like they owned the place. Then something happend. One of their captors removed his black mask, revealing his hairless head and a face that was covered at least half by extreme acid burns, and walked over to the receptionists counter ,grabbing the intercom.

"Employees of Gate Corp, we are the Sons of Gaia, we protect those that cannot protect themselfs. your company is responsible for the destruction of thousands of square kilometers of wildlife in the amazonian forest and the poisoning of hundrets of kilometers of riverwater. unless our demands ar met and the government releases stronger laws against pollution, we will start executing employees one by one...."

"Great , Eco Terrorists, whale huggers with guns" Aley thought "peacefull civil resistance was deader then dead, every lunatic with a message spoke the language of violence these days"
"Nina , are you still there?" he thought "any ideas on how to get out of here?"
Before Nina could respond, the unmasked man pulled out a handgun and walked straight up to Alex. A second goon, with a camera, filmed this. Straight into the camera, the supposed leader spoke. "If we are not given a response by tomorrow at noon, we will start with this man here."

Alex's heart was now in his throat, and he came unbearably close to vomiting.

"Ale--..ic--..zzrt--....." A fizzy transmission erupted in Alex's mind.

His stress levels were raising, harming the capabilities of the nanomachines in his body. There's no way he can understand Nina like this.

After the broadcast, the gunman turned around and started to bark orders to the others, they carried some cloaked employees out, but the barbaric brutes clearly didn't have communication applications installed.

"A--Alex, Can you h--hear me?" Nina struggled to speak to Alex.

"Yea, yea, let me calm down," he took a deep breath, "Can you think now?" he thought.

"Yes, I'm processing your thoughts alot faster." she relayed "as for now, I need you to kick the gentleman in front of you in the back of the right ankle. Moderate force, no more, no less, my scans have noticed a slight fracture there that occured 5 days ago, blunt trauma, he did not seek medical attention until--."

"Ok, Gotcha...Moderate force...Moderate force..." Alex spoke to himself. He lifted his right leg up off the ground and pulled it back a short distance. "...moderate force..." he muttered.

His foot accelerated forward and made contact with the gunman's ankle. The gunman leaned down to grab it,

"Son of a--!" he exclaimed,

almost simultaneously the CEO lept up, elbowed him in the throat, grabbed his gun, and opened fire on all the unsuspecting terrorists with incredible precision, all headshots, the bodies hit the ground at the same time.

Alex's jaw dropped, as he almost devoured the cloth over his mouth, clearly in awe at the speed in which this happened.

The CEO collected a knife from one of the bodies.

An awkward feeling filled the room as he walked over to Alex

"Well Slacker, do you plan on sitting here and feasting on that cloth? Stand up and let me cut those ties, son."

Alex did as told, he removed the cloth and looked around the room, blood drops stained the once all-white, slowly regenerating, nanite walls of the conference room. He turned his focus to the three main branch dispatches, they clearly were not suprised by The CEO's feat.

"Where's Stacey?" Alex asked.

He thought the sudden events caused him to lose sight of his co-worker.

"Not here," The CEO responded as he was cutting everyone else's ties,

He then approached Alex and exclaimed "Nina, you in there?" as he jokingly knocked on Alex's head.

"Why yes, sir." She spoke.

"I need you to stay with Slacker, I have business to attend to." The CEO looked towards the employees and three dispatches then gestured to the access door. "Let's go everyone."

"Stacey..." Alex thought.

"She hasn't been harmed." Nina stated...
Unfortunately for Alex, Nina turned out to be a talking wasp, floating above his ear. She flew directly at him.

"HOW COULD YOU," shouted Alex, throwing up his arms in self-defence.
"Buzz buzz buzz," replied the wasp.

At that moment, Alex realised the futility of talking to a wasp, albeit a talking one. A fact that hardened his will. Concentrating his mind, he searched the room for the wasp that had hidden at his sudden change of attitude. To his utter shock, the walls started moving. In fact, the entire building started moving.

An angry buzzing came from all sides and to his horror, Alex saw that the whole building was made of bloody wasps, melded together using some kind of dark magic.
In the corner of the room, he saw a rucksack. Running over to it, he scrambled to find something to defeat the millions wasps. Inside, all he found was a fly-swatter. Picking it up, he turned slowly around just as the first wave of wasps came upon him.

"It's showtime Motherf***ers," he said, raising the swatter with both hands...
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