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something along the lines of Limbo, Braid, stealth bastard, you know, 2d platform, can't really die, or frequent checkpoints, a bit of puzzles. any suggestions are welcome.

Edit : for PC, Wii , PS3, no matter how far ahead or great Xboxes are, i don'T plan on getting one, ever.
If you like XBLA, there's always Fez
Outlands is a good one too, it's a 2d platformer with some pretty cool mechanics.
i don'T have an xbox

Outland seems too much like Castlevania for my taste
(06-26-2012 08:42 AM)trudel69 Wrote: [ -> ]i don'T have an xbox

What do you have?
Sorry, I played Limbo on there and just assumed
I Wanna Be The Boshy or I Wanna Be The Guy. You can download either of them for free and they'll give you a very sadistic run for your money.
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