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Personally, my most nightmare-inducing characters are the bloody pionpi from Super Mario Land [Image: pionpi.png]

As a kid, those undying bastards led to many sleepless nights Sad
Being arachnophobic in every sense of the word, to this day, I was traumatized by that hanging, creeping, ominous Skulltula I found while exploring Clock Town in Majora's Mask.

[Image: skulltula.png]
[Image: 34isaqx.jpg]

oh god it got out why why why
[Image: Majora__s_Mask_Moon_by_mrespman.png]


[Image: BigSister.png]
[Image: 250px-Nightmarewizard.png]
Nightmare! from kirby games
[Image: dianoga.jpg]
The redeads from LoZ: Ocarina Of Time...

[Image: redead.jpg]

I already posted something about this, but I'll do it again.

When I was younger, I would go to my baby-sitter who had a kid older then me. He would play LoZ: Ocarina Of Time and I would watch him. (I think that's the time my love for videogames started). But, it's also the time I got my first real scare. When Link grew older, he went outside... and there were hundreds (Well, I was young, I thought there were hundreds >_>) of zombies, walking slowly and making those grumbling noises! Worst part is, if they see you, they make a horrifying screech and starts to walk to YOU!

But that's not all! If they catch you, they jump on your back and start sucking the life soul out of you. And even if you mash EVERY button of your controller, they won't come off. Basically, these redeads are like death sentences: touch them and you die...

But then, I played and I found a song that would paralysed them ^_^
Pyramid Head

[Image: Red_Pyramid_Head.jpg]

My last and only scary game and I had to meet with him. A very interesting character, I need to see the movie.
What DHXIII and Nicknclank. The Redeads were pretty scary but Termina Moon is meant to make you crap your pants.

Ones to add are:
Silent Hill 1 - Claw Finger
[Image: SilentHill1ClawFinger.jpg]

Resident Evil 4 - Iron Maiden
[Image: Re4-iron-maiden.jpg] combined with their theme and their breathing...seriously awesome.

Fatal Frame 2/Project Zero 2 - Peeping Child

Scissorman - Clock Tower
[Image: clocktowersnes3.jpg]

Can't really think of anything else. Dead Space had it's odd necromorph pop-out at you. Anyone who's played Barts Department Store knows the "crap brix" factor that area as.
Oh GOD Scissorman! I'd forgot about that... *trembles*
I'd have to say that the Pain from MGS3 was it for me. The thought of being surrounded by wasps at all times just freaked me out.
[Image: wallmaster_ocarina_of_time.png]
[Image: Swoopingsnitchbug.jpg]

This thing just floats about, and doesn even eat your Pikmin, it just steals them and teases you with them. Its a terrifying creature, its gloomy, it looks like a old, fat pensioner with wings.
(07-01-2012 11:19 PM)Skarro Wrote: [ -> ][Image: wallmaster_ocarina_of_time.png]

Yeah Ceiling Masters in OoT were scary intense. You see the small shadow following you and then it grows larger followed by the ever gaining sound of it descending on you.

Click at own risk
Darn I forgot about Resident Evil 4's Regenerators, freakin hated them!
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