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I joined yesterday and been posting a little since. This is the first forum I've joined in years, and people here seem pretty cool. Just realised there was this section, so thought I should introduce myself.

Hi. :)

Hello Jay! Even thought it's been a long time you've been in a forum, I hope you stay in this one ^_^
I've been in quite a few forums over the years. A lot of them don't seem to have staying power, but this one seems great so far.

Hope you enjoy your time here!
Thanks, good folks. Big Grin
Allow me to add my welcome Big Grin
Why, hello and welcome, good sir. Please, sit, talk as much as you want. Suit yourself. Will you have a cup of tea?
Well, I am quite parched. Yes. Yes I will partake.
Derp. I mean hey man welcome to this community!
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