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I'm going to sound like a bitch for this, but the first memory that pops into my head was how I always thought it was freaking hilarious that people were wrecking their TVs with the Wiimote. I don't use the wrist strap at all and I never swung that thing around hard enough to even slip out of my hand.
Waiting at midnight to play Super Smash Bros Brawl on launch night and even be in a tournament at the Game Stop I was at.
I never owned a wii, because i had a ps3 and i dont needed one, but my bro did and i used to play brawl with him. Also lots of gamecube games...
When I first got it.
Playing it next to a friend who also had his system set up and we both went through Twilight Princess
Not playing it for 5 years
Modding it to play emulators
Playing Majoras Mask on it every year(my personal tradition).
Still not playing it.
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