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Full Version: Best pokemon music
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What are your favorite pokemon music pieces Big Grin

Let's start out with a new favorite of mine

She's singing dogars (japanese name for koffing)
Always and forever Lugia's Song. <333333

I love how bouncy and friendly it is, but then how competitive it feels. It really sounds like the Anime in my opinion.

The thing I liked about the Gameboy's were the fact that the limitation on the music really made the developers try to make really nice music in all channels, and not mix it up. This is an example of a great song, that is using all channels and sounds great. The music makes sense really, the beginning sounds like a mystery since you have no idea where you are, but then as you go on, it gets louder and sounds better like an underwater adventure.

Gotta love this upbeat tune, you know shit's going down where you hear this.

It's hard to decide

Well, this IS my favorite pokemon music... even if it's not in a game >_>"

"C'mon, everybody!"

I wanna be, the very best,
That no one ever was!
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause!

I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide!
These pokemons, to understand,
The power that's inside!

(POKEMON, Gotta catch them all!)
It's you and me...
I know it's my destiny!
Oooh, you're my best friend,
In a world we must defend!
(POKEMON, Gotta catch them all!)
A heart so true...
Our courage will pull us thru!
You teach me and I'll teach you,
(Gotta catch them all!)
Gotta catch them all!
Route 11 from Red and Blue.


So inspiring. I've got this theme set as my alarm clock on my phone. Wake up feeling good... damn good.

Eat your heart out Team Galactic.

Does anyone know the Pokemon Black Accumula Town plaza song that played after you left the PokeCenter for the first time? I'd put that down, but I don't know it.
This song was excellent

Route 209 daytime and VS Team Plasma are two of my favourites.

also this episode made me cry xD
Pokémon Colosseum - Phenac city music.
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