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I'm pretty much a walking Pokemon enclycopedia, so if you ever need any help, post here and I, or a ninja, will answer your cry for help. Any difficulty will be accepted. Looking for how the Mew Glitch from Red/Blue works? Questions about EVs and IVs? Shiny pokemon? Pokerus? Catch rate? Come here, I should be able to help!
Mods, feel free to move this wherever you want, I'm just trying to prevent clutter.
Yay for pokemon encyclopedias!! Big Grin
I'm good for EV and IV info too. (Y)
I finaly figured out how to IV/EV train my porkemon Tongue still not ready to explain tho sorry
But can't you look all that up on bulbapedia? =P
I remember in the 90's there used to be phone numbers to call up for help with games. At a friend's house we called up for Pokémon Colosseum on the N64. Turns out it redirected you to some sordid shady-lady chatline.
We though "f- it" and asked the lady who was talkin' sexy about how to connect our Gameboy cartridges to the game.
She didn't know Sad
I'm playing through Pokémon Black for the first time.

At which level would you guys recommend I use my moonstone on the pink psychic pokemon cute thing and firestone on my Pansear? They're about around level 25-26 now I think.
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Munna is a cute, pink, flying... thing. Somewhat resembling a Drowzee from the older games, Munna follows suit with the dream eating philosophy, but Munna plays defense much more than its Kanto counterpart.

Munna has plenty of HP, good Sp. Atk, and even some fair Sp. Def and Defense to back it up. Its Speed and Attack are dismal, however, so you're going to have to rely on Munna's Special-based attacks to save the day. When it evolves into Musharna by using a Moon Stone on it (you get one shortly after getting your 2nd Badge), its Sp. Atk explodes along with its HP and defensive stats, making Musharna a very tough Pokemon to take down. It's slow as molasses, though, so your opponent will almost always be getting a free hit against it.

Once you evolve your Munna into Musharna, it won't learn any new moves, and since Munna can learn quite a few useful ones, you need to think carefully when to evolve it. Early on, it learns Psybeam at level 11, which will be Munna's primary source of damage until... level 37 for Psychic or level 41 for Dream Eater. Even though Dream Eater is one of the things that defines Munna, it's not worth waiting that long to acquire. Of more relevant concern is Hypnosis at level 19, which is a must have, and Nightmare at level 29, which complements Hypnosis fairly well, although is far from as necessary as Hypnosis is.

You'll probably want to evolve it at level 20 or so, then rely on TMs to trick your Musharna out. Thunder Wave is helpful, but only if you don't intend to use Hypnosis, because you can't afflict a Pokemon with both conditions. Since paralysis cuts the afflicted Pokemon's Speed by 75%, it's a great way to compensate for Musharna's lack of Speed in the first place. Musharna can make excellent use of both Reflect and Light Screen, both for itself and for helping the rest of your team. Shadow Ball and Charge Beam work as fair damaging attacks, although Psybeam is still your best bet unless you're bold enough to go for Psychic.

The TM for Psychic isn't available until after you've beaten the game, so you'll have to settle with Psybeam or using a weak Munna until the 7th Badge or so if you want a really powerful attack. Munna and Musharna serve better as support or for doing massive damage early on with Psywave when 65 power is a lot.

Munna and Musharna do have their uses, but they suffer from a lack of very powerful attacks as well as a crippling Speed stat. Their bulkiness means they can take plenty of hits, but just because they can take hits doesn't mean they can deliver them back, so use Munna or Musharna either solely early on when the selection is slim or use them with patience throughout the game.

From pokemon.marriland.com (good site for pokemon) :o he gives a good explenation what to do with Munna.

As for The stupid monkey.. do it now Tongue and he wont learn any more rly good moves anytime soon and you can always teach him tm's, Or you could wait till lvl 34 when he learns fire blast but he will be pretty weak till tou evolve him.
Huh. So I guess it will be for the best if I just evolve the two of them then. Since I'm not playing at tourney level I doubt I can screw up so hard that I can't finish the game.
I dont understand what are IVs and EVs and how to train then, can u help me please? :3
(07-05-2012 11:33 PM)Slam Wrote: [ -> ]I dont understand what are IVs and EVs and how to train then, can u help me please? :3

EVs first (simplfied)
EV training is a way to maximise your Pokemons' potential. Once your Pokemon levels up you can see the results of that EV training and achieve results like this:
[Image: evrecord.jpg] <- not 'shooped.

What Pokemon do you plan on EV training? (Then I can explain along the way)
this topic would be better stay in the Pokémon forum huh?
Everytime you battle a foe, your battling Pokemon gains some EV, or effort value. EVs come in the form of boosting certain stats, such as Attack, Defense, Special Defense, etc. Battling certain foes give you certain EVs. Geodude= 1 defense EV. 4 EVs are equal to one stat, but also increase the rate that stat goes. Certain natures and characteristics of your Pokemon also determine their EV. Adamant nature? Boost attack. Likes to run? Speed. Note that while they boost a stat, they reduce another.
IVs are random and determined when you obtain the Pokemon. They go until 32, and determine how strong a Pokemon will be. 14? Not so tough. 32? Super-freakin'-Man.
I can't find Zubats D:
Where can I find Zubats ? (meks me cry evry tiem Sad )
If you are talking about Black and White, teh beestest geams evuh, you can't. Thats why I love nova, and said that horribly misspelled thing mid sentence. If not Black or White, go in any cave, except Digglet cave.
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