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I'm making this because I have a story and I don't want to be a goomba about it.
SO me and my family are going on vacation tomorrow and I forgot to pack so I decided to start packing at 8:30 only to find my old Gameboy color with the original Gameboy Tetris game in it. Now, I haven't played Tetris in a while, so I figured I'd try one game quick and continue packing. Big mistake. So now it's over 2 hours later and I haven't done anything but nearly beat my old high score, only to not have a stupid line piece for 56 turns straight,

Anyone else have videogame procrastination stories?
God, let me touch League of Legends or Dota 2 and I will lose three hours of my life instantaneously.

edit: Well, Heroes of Newerth not so much, took that one out of there. It used to be good. Sad
let me near one of the game and watch gallery games for the gameboy and 2 hours are easily lost.
Had to wake up early in the morning one day, but I had just downloaded Civ 5. It was like 8:30 at night so I had some room to play. I play it, trying to get used to it, and eventually I do. So I get hooked and play a good scenario. Half-way through my conquest of world domination throughout Earth, I look at the clock and its 1:30 in the morning. I sorta hated myself for it, but then got over it because being a dictator takes time.
On about three seperate occasions whilst at university, I decided to reinstall City of Heroes instead of revising during exam periods. Predictably, all three times I completely lost interest after the exams were over.
I placed all my games in a .zip file that a friend password-protected.
"A flawless plan," I thought.
Then I remembered I had my ol' GameBoy... and not much revision was done on that day
I usually don't have many times where I waste a lot of time on a video game when I have to do something important, but I do sometimes stay up late to finish some games. I usually say I'll go to bed after a quick DS game, and before you know it I've wasted an hour.
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