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I generally go for the wolverine chops. I hate being clean shaven.
Normally,I use sideburns with A Moustache and a Goatee.Sometimes I shave,
but not usually.
I had a good goatee (because it wasn't a beard but it was only on my chin) going on, but I screwed up when trying to trim it and I had to cut the entire thing off. Sad
I used to have a beard (it was wonderful), but then I got a job that requires me to "shave" (I don't shave. That shit is annoying. I just trim, with clippers.) I like having a beard, so I'm hoping to some day have a job that doesn't require me to shave. Big Grin
Here is really nice post and most informative post. I am totally agree with you. I was growing facial hair when i was 16, I know its too late but its good for me i do not like facial hair. Now a days i have a clean shave and some times i have a french cut on my face. I'm sorry but i do not like goatee or such styles.
Goatee here. I'd have moustache too if it didn't make me look like a bad porn actor.
Got the full beard going right now. Had a pharaoh beard for a while but shaved it a couple of months ago just for kicks. Might grow the pharaoh beard back. I kinda miss it.
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