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Full Version: Pokémon Showdown.
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Click Play, and it's basically Pokémon Battles online, don't need to download it or anything. Make a Team, and jump in.

I liked it, it was confusing for me but I won my first battle.
Yea, it's actually kinda fun.
Setting up my NU team now, who want to come at me?
Finally, a way to show my superiority against EVERYONE >Big Grin

Seriously though, thanks for the link Retrolink :3 I will now play the frek' out of it!
(03-17-2013 10:09 AM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ]Setting up my NU team now, who want to come at me?

I will,prepare to face the wrath of my magikarps,bro?
I like playing it on Random.
Fun game, we might have to set up a tourney on the new site.
That's awesome, thanks! Big Grin
You guys are thinking inside the box: DYKG Forum Originals Vs. New Breed

It willbe EPIC Big Grin
Well, I am lazy so one of you put it on the new site.
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