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In the Japanese-only sequel to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, the 3 main villains each represent a form of Satan.

The Dark Prince- represents Satan as a demon and ruler of the underworld. His main goal in his storyline is to possess the body of Riesz's brother, Elliot, and merge the human world and underworld so he can rule both and the demons be ruled in place of the Mana Goddess. He also makes ties to Satan's life as Lucifer. He was Prince of the "Kingdom of Light" but was hated by his people. He accepted a deal that would cause him to be ruler of the underworld and take down his homeland paralleling Satan's fight against the Kingdom of Heaven. [attachment=236] [attachment=239]

The Dragon Emperor- represents Satan's animalistic forms as a serpent or dragon (the latter is mentioned in the Christian Book of Revelation). [attachment=237] [attachment=241]

The Masked Mage- represents Satan's fall from grace (more so than the Dark Prince who is seen as the demonic Satan). The Masked Mage was once a human called Belgar that was Holy City Wendel's Oracle of Darkness and a priest renowned for his skill in healing. He one day found a disease that could not be healed by light magic so he started using dark magic. Though the victim dies before he could find a cure, he continued to dabble in dark magic and eventually found a spell that could revive the dead. He then challenged the Priest of Light, was defeated, then exiled. (This can be seen as Satan [then Lucifer] challenging God for control of heaven and being damned to Hell when his rebellion failed) Belgar then becomes corrupt by the dark magic and becomes the Masked Mage much like Lucifer becoming Satan. Masked Mage much like Satan against Heaven sets to exact revenge against the Holy City Wendel. [attachment=238] [attachment=240]
Kind of sad with that last one actually.
Good parallel
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