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[Image: 1318792501478-1.png]

Mother: 1A
Father: 3B

>you will never have a god tier 1C dad.
3A or 3B for my dad and my mom does not care as long as I study during the semester.
dad: 1B (and hes actually not bad for some reason)
mom: 2B.
None of the above. They're more like "Want a video game? Get of your ass and go buy one."
I don't even discuss it with mah parents
Yeah, none of these really apply to me. My mom actually plays Rock Band with me, though.
Both of my parents are dead. My mom died in 2004 and my dad died in 2005.

Although to her credit, as bad of a mom as she became when I was a teenager, when I was a kid my mom always bought me the new Nintendo systems and new Mario games. It wasn't until I was about fifteen that she went batshit crazy and stopped giving a shit about us.
My mom don't give two shits about my games and my dad used to be A3 but he's given up for the most part 'cause I don't change when he goes off on one of his "ALL YOU EVER DO IS VIDEO GAMES!!!" rants.
My dad is a A4. He hates the concept of them, while my mom use to be more lenient , A1. You can guess who is my favorite.
My parents encourage me to play video games to a degree. They understand it will greatly help me with understanding level design and and what it takes for concept art skill.

So none of 'em :3
I've got the elite god tier parents of "Go play video games to learn about video games."
Also here's a little story about how nice my mother is, and how evil my father is.

It was 1995, my mother has just heard about vidya consoles, and how they're the "new thing" for children, and the biggest things on the market.

She goes to buy one of these systems, either the Mega Drive for £126 or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System for £128, but is caught up in an argument about which console is better, with some employees and soon walks out the store with both of them.

So, she hides them away until Christmas Eve, and as my brothers are asleep, she lays all the presents out, and the Mega Drive for one of my brothers, and the SNES for the other, in their boxes with their games, and she goes to sleep.

The next day, she wakes up to hear my brothers really happy about the presents, and ripping apart the Mega Drive box (poor mega drive box ;_; ), and trying to set it up, and she can't see the SNES anywhere, so she looks around, and then asks my father.

"Oh" he said "They break everything, so I took it, and I'm going to give it to my relatives, they don't need two anyway."

He then left with it, and gave it to our cousins.

You think that's bad? He did it again with the Sega Saturn, and she didn't have two of those.
My parents are a mix between 3A, 3B, and choose-to-ignore-it. Even though they'll still get me and my brothers games for our birthdays sometimes.
Also, your story breaks my heart Sad
I'm the oldest and only daughter, so I had a lot of pressure growing up to be a perfect girl. Needless to say, I failed.
My dad used to be 2B when I was much younger, around 5 or 6. We played the original Smash Bros and Mario Kart 64 all the time. Then, I don't know what happened, he just stopped wanting to play games with me. When I hit high school, he became 3A. He mellowed out when he realized I could play games and still do well in school. Now he's 2A, along with my mom, who has always been 2A.

So long as I don't spend too much money on games or ask for money too often, and still do well in college, they're fine.
Probably none of these. My Dad is generally supportive of what I do and my Mother doesn't have any interest but clearly acknowledges I love gaming. I think they'd rather they had a son who sits in side playing games than getting drunk and posting it on Facebook anyway and it's never interfered with education.
I never had that parent telling me to go outside since I used to all the time as a 90s kid. Do good in school(and now in Uni on a Computer Science course), play with friends outside(who they knew very well) and play games with friends....y'know, the 90s!

Pretty much along Ouberry_13s lines without parents actually joining in.
Well my dad is dead and my mom has reverted from 1A to 2A and then stopped caring alltogether. She knows I love gaming and mostly just settles for bemoaning how I use my money and space for all these consoles and games.
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