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In the early twentieth century, a Scottish farmer, came home and went by marshland. Suddenly, he heard cries for help. The farmer rushed to help and saw a boy who was sucked into the abyss of his creepy swamp slime. The boy was trying to get out of the terrible weight of marsh swamp, but his every move to sentence him to a quick death. The boy shouted. Despair and fear. Farmer quickly cut down the thick branch cautiously approached and handed branch saving a drowning man. The boy climbed to safety. Punched him trembling, he could not calm the tears, but most importantly he was saved!
- Come to my house, offered him a farmer. You need to calm down, drain and keep warm.
- No, no, the boy shook his head, waiting for my dad. He's very excited, I guess.
With thanks looking into the eyes of his savior, the boy ran away ...
In the morning, the farmer saw that drove up to his house rich coach and magnificent thoroughbreds. Stepped out of the carriage richly dressed gentleman and asked
- It's you last saved the life of my son?
- Yes, I said a farmer.
- How much do I owe you?
- Do not hurt me, sir. You do not owe anything to me because I did what had to do a normal person.
- No, I can not leave it just like that, because my son is very dear to me. Name any sum, insisted visitor.
- I do not want to say anything on this subject. Goodbye. The farmer turned to leave. And here on the porch ran his son.
- Is that your son? asked the rich guest.
- Yes, the farmer replied proudly, patting the boy on the head.
- Let's do so. I'll take your son with him to London, and will pay his education. If he is as noble, as his father, neither you nor I will not regret this decision.
Several years passed. Farmer's son graduated from high school, then the University of Medicine, and soon his name became world famous as the name of the man who discovered penicillin. His name was Alexander Flemming.
Before the war, in one of London's richest clinics enrolled with severe pneumonia son of the gentleman. Do you think that saved his life this time? Yes, penicillin, open Alexander Flemming.
Name wealthy gentleman who gave education Flemming was Randolph Churchill. And his son's name was Winston Churchill, who later became Prime Minister of Britain. Winston Churchill once said: to make you the same to you and will be back.
Sir Flemming himself even pointing out in his biography (Penicillin Man[insert rest of the title I forgot]) that the story is cow crap.
The grammar errors. They burn my eyes!
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