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So, I want to know if any of you have had a near death situation before. The reason I brought this up is because on my way home, I was crossing the street with one of my friends and I see a vehicle going straight towards us really fast, at that moment, I thought I was dead, but I managed to jump back in time. My friend was still in the middle of the street and frozen in shock, He swiftly managed to move out of the way of the vehicle. The person driving stopped AFTER we moved out the way. It was an old woman who was yelling at us saying it was OUR fault, when SHE clearly passed a red light.

So, any near death stories can go in this thread. Smile
I almost had my legs ground off between a wall and a treadmill when I was six. Does that count?
@Ghost Nappa
That was a close call,I hope the other guy didn't freak out a lot after the incident. I would.
When I had just started the Behind the Wheel portion of my Driver's Ed, I was driving in some hilly back roads on a really hot summer day, like almost 100 hot. We were going around a hill that was a lot sharper than I had anticipated, and I had been going in way too fast, and we skidded out right atop a hill that, had we fallen, would've been at least a 50 foot drop. Thankfully, my mad Burnout skills payed off and I stopped it in the middle of the road and proceeded to piss my pants a mighty piss that would impress Posiden.

Moral of the story: F*ck Posiden
I got hit by a car, and was unconscious for a small amount of time.

I also broke my leg, when I was 4.

All these moments really make me appreciate life, and the fact that #YOLO.
The closest I've ever been to a near death situation was when I got hit by a car like 14ish years ago. Didn't break a bone, though. Hurt like... well, like someone ran you over with a car.
I had major surgery when I was a kid, if that counts...
When I almost deleted my Pokemon Ruby save data.
I was almost smashed between two cars that hit each other head on getting off a school bus. THe road I grew up on was a little twisty country road with a 55 mile per hour speed limit that people often ignored. On top of that, my house was on a curve. So in short, one person didn't see the stopped bus and started to speed by it really quick. A second person that was traveling behind the bus thought they could pass by the stopped bus before the kid inside got out and got in the other lane. They hit each head on AS MY BROTHER AND I WERE STARTING TO CROSS THE ROAD. Neither of us were hit by the two cars or any of the shrapnel from the crash. Talk about scary.
Hmm, let's see...

Back in school I was once thrown into a pool because everyone thought I was lying about not being able to swim. It took them a while before they realized I wasn't joking.

Then there was this time when I was a kid and trying to retrieve a football. I stepped into quicksand and was there neck deep before my mom came and pulled me up.

I've also crashed my car through the railing of a bridge. Luckily I didn't fly into the frozen river, the car smashed right beside it with only the right front corner being under water. Still have the same car, by the way.

Oh yeah, and I crashed my moped back when I was 15. Twice. The first time I was trying to do a quick corner on a sandy road, had to dodge the van that came in from said corner and ended up flying from the nearby ditch like it was a ramp. The moped landed a feet or so from me, nothing else really happened and I laughed it off while driving away. The next time I did get hurt, as I crashed into a ditch full of rocks due to sand on a curve. My friends who saw it told me that I almost smashed my head to a streetlight. Broke my left arm and still have scars all over my body.

The rest are propably just me almost getting run over and twice when I fell asleep while driving my work van. The other time the car just stopped, the other it stopped but not before smashing into a tree stump at like 10 miles an hour. None of these really of much concern but they could have ended up badly.

On a related note, there are at least two occasions when people have thought that I have died.
I almost drowned once. I was at a beach and I was on a floatie, then I floated to a very deep part and fell off the floatie. I kept trying to reach for it but it floated away from me and I almost drowned until I finally managed to grab it.

It was one of these.
I remember one time when i was young,i always jump from the swing whenever it gets high.Once,i broke a leg and i thought i was gonna die from it(i was a kid,i didn't know how death worked,though i do hope it sorta counts.)

Though when it was a healed up,I did the only logical thing:i started doing it again.
I was just walking down the street when a car stopped at an intersection. The girl (who was driving WHILE talking on the phone) made a hand motion so I could go.

Bad decision on my part to trust her. As soon as I decided to cross the street, she forgot I was walking and almost hit me.

I still remember her face behind the glass. She looked horrified, and it was hilarious XD
Never got into a car crash *knocks on wood* but I did suffer a bad heat stroke and did not get medical attention and I passed out for like 2 hours before someone found me.
(03-10-2013 11:16 AM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]Never got into a car crash *knocks on wood* but I did suffer a bad heat stroke and did not get medical attention and I passed out for like 2 hours before someone found me.

Oh that sucks. That's a big problem in Texas. You should know this by now, but BE THE CAMEL! Carry ALL the water!
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