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Well, far from distance, this is my first submission. I actually did discovered this unused file in the WiiWare game (not the PC ver.)

Quote:There is a unused idle animation, which probably would be used if the player left controller. Maybe, just discovering this animation, the game could be a lot of different, it could probably a sidescroller which you could move manually, and if stops, it could appear this animation rarely. However, Bit.Trip series have the main goal of rhythm, so they retired the animation and did as automatic sidescroller game (probably).


Updated picture:

Video that I did:

As you can see, yes, the model isn't correctly shown. That's because it uses simple colors, instead of textures. So the model viewer doesn't show it correctly.

I'm uploading this, because I already saw plenty of Unused Stuff DID you KNOWS that actually "thinks" what may would be. Because most of unused stuff is "unknown", we don't have many sources or anything like that.

It's my first submission. I have been an "unused" researcher, I worked a lot in Unseen64. Maybe I can come up with other DYK Unused stuff.
Pretty cool.
I'm about to re-do the picture of the model viewer, it's kinda blurried. I will tell when I update it.
Updated picture: [Image: KGvmtQt.png]
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