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The song DeltaMax rom DDR Universe 3 and DDRII is a song whose BPM starts out at 100 and increases by 1 BPM per quater beat until it reaches a climax of 573. Though these numbers may not seem like much,the number 573 is very important to the company that makes the DDR games,Konami. Konami is represented by the goroawase number 573.5 in Japanese is 'go',which is changed to the voiceless 'ko',7 in Japanese is 'nana',which is shortend to 'na',and 3 in Japanese is 'mittsu".which is shortned to 'mi'. Therefore,573 equals 'Ko-na-mi" (Note: this number is used in many Konami games,just like the Konami code is,and isn't isolated to just DDR)
Very interesting
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