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Alright...I'll come clean on this....

Okami is one of the three games that I ever felt even an inkling of tears for. The other two are Katamari Damacy (I've explained it before) and Shadow of the Colossus.

Okami: I'll be honest, I'm pretty easy when it comes to this one. The final scene when
. My god....I feel bad for crying a bit, but it was such a heart-wrenching scene...

Katamri: I've already explained it, but I'll do it again. I was having the worst of days, so when I came home and turned on my PS3, I decided to play the happiest damn game ever made. And you know what? It turned my entire day from shitty to ecstatic in only a few seconds, that I felt some tears fall out.

Shadow of the Colossus: The whole thing. The beauty of the landscape and the Colossi, the wonderfully sad music when you kill them, the ending plot-twist, the dead(?) girl, the goddamned horse. All of it was amazing, and it made me shed a few tears after I finished it.
Mother 3's ending
Silent Hill Shattered Memories ending
Shadow of the Colossus ending.
Oh I forgot, Professor Layoton and the Unwound Future's ending was that one game that everyone encounters at least once in their life.
So I was playing League of Legends with my friends and at one point I was getting really fucking fed.

So the enemy Caitlyn used her ultimate (Targets an enemy and after a few seconds she fires her gun and the bullet travels and hits regardless of distance. Allies can walk in the bullets path to block it. You can guess what happened next).

Our jungler was being a really nice dude. Always helping and such (He was amumu, His snares and stuns are so helpful oh lord you have no idea how much of a table turner that ultimate is) and had a positive attitude.

I was low health and Caitlyn locked onto me, in the chat Amumu yelled "NOOOO!!" and flashed. He flashed right into the line of fire, hit the bullet and died. For me. He said. "Go! Go and win it!"

"For us"

I was on the verge of tears and then our top laner (Shen) Gave a speech about Amumu's heroism in the chat. Saying something along the lines of "Amumu was a good mummy. Always doing what he was told and helping when needed. He didn't have to do so, but he did it. Why? Because he wanted a friend. A friend that in return, would never leave his side, and be there for him. He died for his friends." (He typed more but I don't remember it.) It was there where I just basically started bawling at my computer.
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