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Full Version: So I got a graphics tablet...
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Yesterday, I purchased a graphics tablet off amazon (despite not actually knowing how to draw) and spent pretty much the whole day feeling like an actual artist in Flash.

Now as any NormalBoots.com (R.I.P) fan would do, I decided to devote a considerable portion of my time (1 hour) to drawing incredibly-late-to-the-party-and-pretty-mediocre fan art. Which of course I am going to share here.

Jon "Pupil-less" Jafari w/ some Bird.

Austin "Mentally Disturbing PBG" Hargrave (Not for the weak of heart)

And Jesse "White Glasses" Cox

Not bad, especially the hands. That is really hard for me to do.

(Mine is a wacom bamboo)
What kind of tablet is it? I've got a Trust myself.
(02-18-2013 01:06 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: [ -> ]What kind of tablet is it? I've got a Trust myself.

It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun Small Graphics Tablet
I like 'em, but no offense, the eyeballs are pretty awful, but the glasses look good with Jessecox.
The rest is pretty good, just work on the eyes a bit ^_^
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