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A thought, an item, a thing you do or an actual place. What is your go-to thing or location when you are feeling down or need some time to just be alone?

Starting from the weird end, I usually go to the cemetery, specifically my father's grave. Sitting around there usually clears my thoughts and in a place like that it's not likely anyone will bother you. When I'm moving away from this town I'll have to find a new cemetary to go to, though. Those places are just somehow so serene. Weird, as I was afraid to go there in the dark when I was a kid. Times, they change!

In summertime I used to go to the local beach by the river but nowadays it's just so overcrowded with teenagers I don't bother going there anymore. In the summer there's also a bridge under which I like to go to just look at the graffiti and water.

Those being actual places but I do tend to watch a lot of cartoons when I'm down, too. My Little Pony is a good one as the innocence of that just brings a smile to my face.

Kinda wish I had a cat.

The question sounds so syrupy you could stick your criticism to it but I'm asking it anyway because I like to know how people deal with things in their everyday life.
For me, if there is a nice, quiet place with no lights, and it doesn't smell like a school bathroom, I can clear my head, think things through, and calm down. There's just something sobering about it all, being away from it all. That's why I refuse to live in the city.
I like to listen to music. I turn off all the lights, put my headphones on, lie on the bed, close my eyes and just listen to some progressive rock(in this situations, it's usually prog-rock, particularly Genesis or Gentle Giant).

I also like to take a walk. It's good to relax. I usually have my best "philosophical" thoughts when I'm walking(then I write them down when I get home).
I think it's my PC and the internet. I can always talk with my friends, play games and see funny things. Well, I don't do that ONLY when I sad (actually I'm on PC almost all the time) so kind of an addiction.

I think I don't really need a "happy place" because I'm a very cool and easy-going guy. It's easy for me to forget my problems for an instant and have some fun.
The woods. I grew up on a piece of farmland in the middle of about 80 acres of untouched forest. Anytime I felt weird or needed some time to think I would walk a ways in the woods and climb up a tree. Sometimes slept in the trees too.
A dimly lit gym, completely empty, a nice aired up basketball, all the time in the world, and new shoes.

Paradise Smile
My headphones, tv, ps3, and my Metal Gear Solid collection. Oh, and Skyrim.
As Master Roshi would have put it:

Scratch that,too rated M for Mature.

Ummm,Drinking coffee in the summer beach.
You know when I'm feeling blue, there's only one thing to do.
[Image: TO+THE+FAP+CAVE+_859024f47f83a36397d5e2fd72f3208b.jpg]

Gimme rep 'cuz i rhymed.
(02-24-2013 02:52 PM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ]You know when I'm feeling blue, there's only one thing to do.
[Image: TO+THE+FAP+CAVE+_859024f47f83a36397d5e2fd72f3208b.jpg]

Gimme rep 'cuz i rhymed.

You're a poet, and ya didn't know it.
at home, in my bed, with all my favorite songs playing as I sleep the day away. school and work keep me from relaxing like that though ): merh
Me at home on my computer or in bed reading some fantasy novel.

But if you REALLY want me to smile like so:
[Image: happy-heavy-tf2-i9.jpg]

Then I want to be near a water stream, I have this freakish obsession with waterfalls or streams, they just bring out the tranquility in me.
The shooting range
(03-01-2013 03:08 PM)BrokenWindows Wrote: [ -> ]The shooting range

Yeah, I'll throw that as another one for me.
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