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So, what is it? Also tell us what it was like. Just something nice and short. Or, if it's bad, mean and short.

I just watched Patlabor yesterday from an old VHS tape I bought recently. It's a Mamoru Oshii movie, you can guess the rest. It was pretty nice, way better than what I was expecting.
I've just watched I Give It a Year in the cinema. It's a great movie! I thought it would be just stupid romantic comedy but it's really worth a try!
Paranorman and Cabin in the Woods. I watched both last night because of nor particular reason. Never saw Paranorman before then, and I really enjoyed it.
Wreck-it Ralph. Pretty good!
I think I watched Die Hard in December. I haven't watched a movie in a while. That, or I just don't remember watching another movie.
I haven't watched a movie since... Taken back in early January. It was a good film... I should watch the second one Smile
My dad Got skyfall tonight. I was GOING to watch that... but he has the Blu-ray only version. SO, I'll probably rent the DVD version tomorrow or something and watch that.

Otherwise, the last movie I saw as Hansel & Gretel (sp): Witch Hunters which was entertaining.
Saw me an Expendables 2 with my dad. He loved it, I knew he would.
I just watched Robot and Frank with my dad, it was oddly depressing, but pretty good.

Pretty decent, nothing too spectacular. Found myself doing a lot of other stuff while the movie was playing. Would give it 6.5/10 I guess.
Bash-it Bill.

Kind of ironic how Sugar Rush is one of the most original games I've seen in the Racing Genre for a while. (Apart from Sega All Stars Racing Transformed).

I'd give the film a good 9/10. While I wanted to see more well known characters, the entire plot focused on the main characters pretty much, the only time you'd see a reference is in the background, or maybe as a small cameo, it was nothing big, which I suppose is good, you don't really want to cater to fans much, you want to tell a story. While it was sort of predictable, many of the things that happened was not, I was surprised at
but for other things, they were either predicable, or just you wouldn't have thought of it.

Only thing that annoyed me and made me sad is that no one plays in Arcades these days, yet even though it was the premise of the film, it always annoyed me, unless that Arcade is so good, it rivals home consoles and computers.

Gotta say, great movie.
Jack the Giant Slayer was the last movie which is watched by me. I watch this movie in 3D cinema. It was my first experience about 3D cinema. And it was really beautiful. During this movie i scared sometimes and then suddenly i think that it is a movie. Wow. Really nice movie and experience, Both. Smile
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