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Full Version: Aliens Colonial Marine Walkthrough [HD]
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I watched the first like 30 seconds of this video and thought the animated guy in the video was you. Then I realized it was the actual game.

Not cool, yo. -_-
I watched a little over half. When I clicked the link and heard there was voice commentary I thought this was going to be a terrible blind let's play. On the surface it still is a blind let's play, but at least:

-You didn't talk over the cut-scenes for the most part
-You didn't read the tutorial popups out loud
-From what I saw you knew a good bit about the Alien franchise.

That said your commentary was a bit lack luster in a lot of areas; so if you're gonna called it a walkthrough at least do post-commentary so you can talk about the game and it's mechanics as well as maybe some information about the movies for filler.

Bottom line: Okay, but not great.

Also I have the feeling you're not coming back to read this, so I have no idea why I bothered posting this feedback.
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