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It's been eight long years friends, but now I finally have the game in my hands. Can't wait to get started on it.

What I'd like to know is how many of you have bought the game yet and how excited you are to play it. Also tell us about your Sly Cooper history.
I really want to play this game, but alas! I lack the proper hardware to experience such wonderous wonder that is Sly 4. (Or the HD re-release.)
Sadly I never played the Sly Cooper games when they first came out so I bought the HD collection but I burnt out on the 3rd game.
I always loved the Sly games. They were fun with a slight stealth element to them that wasn't annoying, and the story was pretty decent. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but nothing outright boring either. I have the HD versions, since I sold off my PS2 months back for personal reasons. Anyways, I have yet to get Sly 4, but I shall get it (along with some other games) some time in the summer, once I have that most precious of material: moneyz.
I was super pumped to get this game, and although so far I've only played about 30 minutes I can say it is a fantastic game. I've been a fan of Sly Cooper since the very beginning and this is a welcome addition. I was a little skeptical because a new company was developing it, but I have my hopes for the rest of the game, as they are the same people that brought us the HD collection. I enjoy the graphics style and more cinematic style of gameplay.
It's a shame for those of you who haven't gotten the game yet. It's a particularly special treat for those of you who've played the previous games.

I've started the game today and I had the same doubts going in. Admittedly the art is a bit different, but you gotta love the attention to detail these guys have put in. Everything from the environments and music right down to the one-liners they throw out every now and then. They've managed to re-capture the charm of the Sly games. Exactly what you would expect from an HD sequel.

"The last time I was in these sewers, I was a teenager!"
Started playing right after watching the new TMNT episode. Made my frikkin' day.
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