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Full Version: I want to make an iPod game :3
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Yeah, well, since I DO want to be a game programmer when I grow up, I need to learn how to make them. And so, I've decided to make an iPod/iPhone/iPad game as a neat challenge :3

Now, the game I wanna do isn't THAT difficult... I think. It's mostly a "Choose your option" kind of game. Unfortunately, I hit a brick wall right from the start.

I don't know anything about game making, so I've tried looking at Google to know how I can make games. But the only sort of program-thingies out there are like game-making kits, with their own images, commands and stuff like that, which I don't want. I want to learn how to make stuff myself.

So my question is, does anybody know a sort of program to make games? And if so, is their and easy tutorial on how to make different commands yourself? (For instance, Python or something...)
Before I would try jumping into game making itself. I would want to learn a programming language like Java, python, etc. Also making new commands is easy, it just depends on how good your problem solving skills are and applying that to programming.

I recommend checking out this MIT open class:
6.00 Intro to Computer Science

It covers thinking like a programmer, which is mostly problem solving.

Game making programs you might be interested in:

Game Blocks
Game Maker
Construct 2

Any of these:
Public Domain Engines

And the tutorials are only hard if you're lazy
In order to make iOS apps you have to have an iOS Developer account to begin with, this is because the iOS source code isn't released to the public.
You can buy one here, but they cost 99$ a year.

As for the apps themselves I would assume they are programmed using C, C++, and Objective-C because that's what the iOS code is programmed in, so you might wanna learn those programming languages.

Really, I suggest making an Android app, because that won't cost you a cent. The source code for Android is released to the public, so anyone can program apps for it, if you do that though learn the Java programming language, as most Android apps are written in a custom version of that.
I don't know about the other stuff, but if you want 3d, UDK has an option to install things on iOS devices.
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