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I just noticed this thread didn't exist yet, so I made it exist, because science. Anyways, has any great new music released or are there any new tracks or albums you're looking forward to? I bring it up because Area 11 just released their new one.
Fangirl scream
[Image: tumblr_m1fryzivrL1rrawjco1_250.gif]

The entire thing is free to listen to on Youtube, I'd advise checking them out

Couldn't this technically be in the music thread?

Anyhow, just learned that Skillet is releasing their new album in May. Red releases their new album next Tuesday.
Well even though like Zombie said this can really just be contained to the music thread if you wanted, I will say that Black Light Burns just released a new album Lotus Island about a week ago. (the 21st to be exact)
Halcyonic Falcon X released a new song on Newgrounds! It's amazing!
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