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Hey everyone! This is my first time here. So I'll be introducing myself.Cool

I'm FightingPolygon(As you can see above) I love purple!

I love playing Video games! I have an Xbox360(Check my profile for Gamertag). I have a Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon Black 2(Check my profile for friend codes).

This forum is awesome and I'll be submitting DYKs!
Welcome !

I think you may just fit in around here (I think a few people have talked about these so called "videy-o-games".)

Looking forward to your DYKGs Cool

Side note - Pursuant to a decision taken a few months back, please keep your font to black, some users find it hard to read and/or run the risk of headaches.
It's the super bright colors that give me headaches. As someone who can only see clearly out of one eye and everything is a blur out of the other. I'd like to not get headaches, thanks.

Welcome though!
Good day new friend. May the best of days be upon you.
I've seen fighting pixels but a fighting polygon? Preposterous!

Also welcome.
My username is from the Fighting Polygon Team which is an exaggeration of the Nintendo 64's polygon-like graphics!

Also,FightingPixel? Great idea! I'll use that username in other forums!
(01-31-2013 10:42 PM)FightingPolygon Wrote: [ -> ]Also,FightingPixel? Great idea! I'll use that username in other forums!

Once you join this forum, you won't need to visit any other.

[Image: 090523-one-of-us.jpg]
I don't know where to start posting. I'm so excited!
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