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Alright, this is one of the games that was overlooked while in an attempt to cash in on monster breeding game crazed.

Basically, it was robots battling robots, though they were innovative in creating a lot of game features the reflected later pokemon games.

The gameboy color cartridge ver. of the game included a real-time Day and night system, you could upgrade your robopons strength with a simple tv remote, and the cartridge itself had a speaker to notify gamer's when something went on in-game while the system was off. Example, in the game, you own a robopon company and have a carpenter. You pay him to upgrae the company building, but it takes roughly 30 minutes to a hour to complete the expansion. If you turn the game off, the carpenter will still be building; when he finishes, the cartridge itself will chime.

This is also the ONLY known GBC game where you can replace the save game battery [when its almost dead] and still keep your data! All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

The battle system and evolution system was a bit one sided, though how you equipped and used skills or weapons to their full extent was interesting.

When the game moved onto the GBA platform, they updated a lot things. Sunny is able to evolve [My fav red punching robot]. You could change the color to your robopon and forge brand new ones. the battle system was also completely redone, though its not the best, its VERY playable.
Another downside to the GBA version is the story, its hard to follow sometimes while other times its difficult to progress through unless you ask around town to get better information to what you need to do next.

They stopped production after the GBA title hit the shelf, but I think to this date, it could have still gone a good, decent distance before dying out. Whats everyone else's opinion?
This room vaguely reminds me of something...

[Image: Robopon_for_GBC_begins.png]
(02-01-2013 04:38 PM)Albertharris Wrote: [ -> ]Robopon count solely on its gear. Combining this with the fact that Robopon needs Pokemon's choice to change individual features freely after defeating a competitor trainer's, there is no reason whatsoever to use more than one Robopon for the whole game.

Not entirely true.

There are differences in the GBA version where certain parts and software were restricted to most robopon.

And even then, the 'Boot' type robopon, you could never modify or change them to do barely anything. The biggest upside to the Boot types though are their stats. Their stats are a lot higher than the kind you modify, and the software they come equipped with evolves as they level up.

Lastly, I have had to swap out my robopon several times in a couple battles on my old GBC cartridge. Though there may not be any reason, I have had plenty of instances where I had to swap out mine both during and out of battle.

The GBA game eliminates 1 vs. 1 battles and resorts to having all 4 robopons in your party fight at the same time. I like the GBA version better for its revamp in battles, system changes and allowing my fav robopon, Sunny, to finally evolve. What I don't like about it is how some of the gui features to its menu don't mix well and bits of its story to progress in the game.

Thanks for your opinion.
OOOuh, I still have the GBA one Big Grin

I loved it and hated it at he same time. I really liked the story actually (I found it kind of cool to be better then everybody else at fighting robots :3), and I also liked the designs of the robots. I also kinda liked the evolving process of your robopons: you can evolve them if you wish, and later, they COULD be better then the first version of your robopon, but it comes with a heavy side-effect: it keeps a third of it's level and half of it's stats, which can be harsh if you decided to evolve your robopon before a boss :I

But that's also the thing I disliked about the game. It was long to level up your robopons at the end of the game, especially since the battle places were not made... correctly. For instance, if I take Pokemon, you got all the different routes with pokemons changing 1-2 levels when you advance in the game. In Robopon though, between 2 different places in the story, some robopons have a 7-8 level difference, which can be hard to level up. Hard to explain, but you probably get what I mean.

And other thing I noticed was an annoying sound bug. You know the old games had sound boards, right? Like, 8 row of bars for the sounds? And each time there's a sound, some bars will go up, etc. Well, in Robopon, if you were battling, the music would take a lot of those bars. But then, if you make a big attack sound that took, like, 3-4 bars, the some instruments in the music would stop playing for 4 seconds. I know it sounds retarded, but man did I hate not being able to listen to the music correctly!

And finally, the thing I hated the most: the loading screen when you start the game! It lasts 30 seconds each time you open it, just because the game shows the logos of the companies that made the game. That wouldn't be bad, BUT, to make robopons, you gotta put 2 batteries together, right? Well, if you make a bad combination, you get the weakest robopon in the game (Imagine a sperm with a light-bulb as a head and a wire as a tail). And sometime, you didn't WANT to lose those batteries, so what you would do is save the game before making a robot, close it if you got the bad combination, watch the loading screen for 20 seconds and try again 10 times before actually getting a good robopon combination.

Ok, long texts for angry comments, but I still liked the game anyway.... except that robopon, I always hated it.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSnpYAvlAtmW8IVJCLPo-a...QpslhtDJxQ]
I agree about the 2 batteries.
I kept getting Bulbbots as well until I came up with a couple good combinations. I decided to stop losing batteries and GameShark/ActionReplay my for inf.batteries.

I agree about the music, all of that is tied into the games memory and system data.

ASIDE from all of the bugs, the GBA cartridge was still playable. The biggest reason, I think, why some of the music bugs, system bugs, opening lag and what not was like this was because the System, not the hardware, but the engine where the game was built on was done from scratch and it was never revised; that or they had some really crappy play testers.

RPG games like this was never really Hudson's forte and I think the other companies that took part in the project were the ones responsible for the games build.

I wish, really wish another robopon game was put into production. A BETTER one to be exact. It may not be pokemon or monster rancher, but I love the concept or the idea of the direction they were going with it.

If all else fails, I may make a fan-based game based off of robopon and revamp the story.
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