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The Secret Sex-Chamber of Gabe Newell
In the map c1a1c of Half-Life, using the cheat 'noclip', players can fly into an inaccessible room filled completely with the face of Gabe Newell, one of the co-founders of Valve.

Image 1, Image 2.

Also there's a video showing how to do it.

Cut female scientist
Even though there aren't any Female scientists in Half-Life (Excluding Gina), there are materials in the Half-Life: Source port which indicate that a female scientist was in development:
[Image: mg9MzA6.png][Image: w8QB3lR.png]

Valve employee model
In the Further Data editions of Half-Life, many different changes were added for the online multiplayer. One of the assets added is a player model of Ken Birdwell, one of the senior developers for Half-Life:
[Image: 4HiWtdD.png][Image: MFVinsl.png]

Friendly enemy in the beginning of Blue Shift
In the beginning of the Half-Life expansion pac Blue Shift, if the player collects the ammo in the firing range after acquiring the pistol, then goes back to Barney's locker and shoots the box in it with all the ammo, it'll break an an unhostile alien (the Chumtoad) will appear.

Gordon in Blue-Shift
In the beginning of Blue Shift, the player can find Gordon in his scientist attire twice. First after the tram ride, he can be seen on another tram, and he can also be viewed from a security cam monitor. Oddly, he doesn't have the normal ponytail that he has in the original Half-Life.
[Image: 6JGXDwJ.png]
The Secret Sex-Chamber of Gabe Newell is already posted in DYKG
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