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In Gen V, when you are hit with a Special move you blink white, and when you're hit with a physical move you blink black.

(Seen Here.)

Also In Gen V, when you start walking drums are added to music.

(Seen Here.)

In an Iwata Asks, Iwata admitted that after removing the debugging tools of Pokemon Red, they put Mew in the remaining space.

Originally, When characters had names, those personal names were their trainer classes saying "The BROCK wants to fight!"
[Image: BrockRB_beta.jpg]

There is an unused musical track in Pokemon Yellow. The track is located in the special trainer (Jesse & James) Soundbank, which led some to believe it was at one point related to Team Rocket. Others believe it was the battle theme for another unused element, which is battling without a Pokemon.

In Gen II, a skateboard was going to be used in conjunction with the bike to get to places the bike couldn't. This is what may have sparked the idea of the Mach Bike & Acro Bike in Gen III.

The original name for the starting town in Gen II was Silent Hills.

There is a data string in Gen II that was going to be used for naming the player's mother.

The Cinnibar Island Lab is fully completed in Gold/Silver.

In Generation II a list of names that aren't in the game. They are all places cut from the Kanto region.
0x09270D: SILPH CO.
0x092717: SAFARI ZONE

The wild battle music in Gen III was originally the trainer battle music.

An unfinished snow weather effect is in the data in Gen III. It was most likely going to be used on Mt. Chimney, as it may have been a snowy mountain before it became a volcano.
[Image: Three_Snowflakes_unused_FRLG.png]

In FR\LG, The text in the localized version is color coated blue for male characters, and red for female characters. The JP version doesn't have this distinction, but in beta footage it is seen that it did exist. The reason for the change is unknown.

(Lack of color.)

(Look at the text of Nurse Joy)

In Yellow and onward Zapdos was given a third talon on top of it's foot. But since the Pokemon Stadium 2 uses the same models as Pokemon Stadium 1, he still has two.

(Note the 2 talons)

(Note the 2 talons)

In Pokemon Colosseum, Frenzy Plant is wrongly called Solid Plant.
(Couldn't find video or photo, but many people have apparently found it: &
If you call Pikachu an "Electric Rat" (The insult used by Team Rocket in the anime) in Hey You, Pikachu!, he will get angry.

Could you post your sources for these? Some of them are hard to find info on.
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For that Pikachu video, go to 8:34.
The legend of the Aka Manto is what may have inspired Dusclops and Dusknoir. The Aka Manto is a spirit that would haunt the last stall of the bathroom. He would ask you if you wanted a Red or Blue paper. if Red, you were cut up into pieces. Blue, you were strangle until you were blue in the face, If you try to outsmart him and pick another color (i.e. Yellow) he would drag you to hell.

Dusclops sucks peoples souls away.
His Shiny color is Red.

Dusknoir takes people to hell.
his shiny color is blue.

(Might be a stretch, but whatever.)
Rhydon was the first pokemon created!

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