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In Fallout New Vegas, there is a character who was created to appear when the player has the "wild wasteland" perk in Zion Canyon of the Honest Hearts dlc in response to a mod created by tehDman on Fallout New Vegas Nexus. In the game's opening sequence, Doc Mitchell, the man who saved you, shows inkblots to you in order to test your mental health, one of which looked like two bears high-fiving. This was not an option so tehDman made it one. Two-Bears-High-Fiving will walk out of Angel Cave and mimic a high five with his yao guai, or mutant bear gauntlet.

The inkblot in question Huh
The mod Dodgy
The nod to the mod Big Grin

Thought this was funny when I found out about it and remembered when looking at submissions.
YAY! It is official!
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