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Full Version: Bigs the Cat in Sonic Adventure 2
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In Sonic Adventure 2, Bigs the Cat is hidden in a few missions.

In Sonic's first mission, he is just to the right when you're being chased by the GUN truck.
In the sewer mission for Knuckles, Bigs is underwater at the first water pool when there is water.
In Tail's mission on the highway, Bigs is holding onto the rafters of the bridge and can be seen when falling off the bridge mid-way through the mission.

I haven't done this before, so what'll it take?

Edit: I was playing the PC port so I am assuming that it was the dreamcast version.
Big The Cat is one of my personal favorite Sonic characters. He must have been a favorite to the developers too because in Sonic Adventure 2 they didn't wish to get rid of the secondary cast from the first Sonic Adventure, so they gave Amy a main supporting role in the story, E-102 Gamma a spot as a Badnik on levels pertaining to Eggman's base under the name "E-1000" as well as giving him two cannons on each arm like his "brother" Beta, and finally they didn't know how Big would fit in the game, so they just through him in every level as a cameo or sort of a side joke. He was also a secret character in the multiplayer mode simply replacing Eggman himself in his walker mech. This must not have been very popular with the fans as his spot as a multiplayer character was replaced by a Dark Chao in a similarly themed walker mech and almost all of his cameos have been taken out of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Gamecube except for like 2 or 3 where you have to button mash during cutscenes. I was never a button masher myself so I could not get them to work however to my surprise the HD remake of SA2 had all(or at least half) of his appearances thrown back in. I first noticed this when playing Lost Colony as Eggman and seeing him chilling with his fishing rod on a metal bar while Eggman is taking an elevator down near the end of the level and shooting all the enemies. Oh Big, we salute thee.

Man, you guys know how to make me look
nonono... didn't try to make you look bad, but I remembered, that I saw a video about this case n.n

I never thought of posting it. Look at it as teamwork Smile
Fair enough and as team leader I must commend your work.
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