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I ain't all that great by my own view with what I have done, but I thought it worth spreading at very least.

This is just a bit of what I have done, and all of this is on AutoDesk Sketchbook which isn't my preferred program, but I digress.

I'm not sure how this'll line up, but I am putting descriptions regardless.

[Image: cention_by_goldfisharmada-d5oqi4w.jpg]

#1 Cenotion

Its skin is pasty and thin, making prolonged exposure to high frequency waves (one would consider sunlight) hazardous. As a result, these creatures typically reside in moist caves or aquifers only leaving at night in search of small game and tubers.

[Image: propullican_by_goldfisharmada-d5oqm5q.jpg]

#2 Propullican

This creature evolved in the large open plains of the world, using its tail to hurdle itself long distances in pursuit of game. Recently, these creatures have experienced a population boom in the midst of nearby forests, finding new uses for their tails, using them to swing on branches with great momentum into prey.

They blow air into the bags on their necks to vocalize. The reason for this is unknown.

This one I thought up around that "mayan apocalypse".

[Image: _3_argortoise_by_goldfisharmada-d5ou6a7.jpg]


The complex nervous system on this creature's spineless scaled cartilage torso allows it to interpret the world around it up to a mile,solely based on movement,despite the lack of eyes. If the creature senses danger, it will hunch over like when it eats, forming a protective layer of cartilage covered in scales. In local tales, one of these creatures predicted a volcanic eruption, allowing nearby villages to get word of the blast hours before it actually occurred.

[Image: neuguloz_by_goldfisharmada-d5oyb4k.jpg]
Neo-Bugul Noz
These creatures do not have long life spans, great intellect, or strength. Nothing fears them, many prey on them, and the few that avoid them are humans. These creatures survive solely through reproduction. From birth, all they do is eat and release spores into the air which will link with more spores. This species actually periodically goes extinct during the winter each year when its life span comes to conclusion. Then in the coming weeks following winter, the spores form new creatures in mid-air creating the appearance of a sole forest spirit in the wind.

"Mana" (this was intended to be a background but DA didn't like the resolution)

[Image: mana_by_goldfisharmada-d5qtjxp.jpg]

NCR Ranger I did trying to adjust to tablet. (if you haven't noticed by now, I really like new Fallout games)

[Image: new_california_republic_veteran_ranger_s...5k0yjh.jpg]

"Civil Hand Gesture"

[Image: civil_hand_gesture_by_goldfisharmada-d5k31jy.jpg]

Pac-Man Ghost (this was mainly just figuring out brushes and colors on sketchbook. I really miss photoshop...)

[Image: pac_man__s_poltergeist_by_goldfisharmada-d5q813b.jpg]

Edit: Tips are still requested if you have any. Also, the sundries were a lie.
Since I got the pics working, I thought I'd bump this so those who did not want to click on the pics at the bottom or those who were confused need not be concerned.
I don't really like the creature drawings, they just seem sort of poorly designed, but the more realistic stuff like the Helmet and revolver look great. I'd advise sticking to that stuff, but that's just my opinion. Keep it up Big Grin
(01-29-2013 10:31 AM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ]I don't really like the creature drawings, they just seem sort of poorly designed, but the more realistic stuff like the Helmet and revolver look great. I'd advise sticking to that stuff, but that's just my opinion. Keep it up Big Grin

I'll be honest with the creatures. They ain't all that well thought out. They have no real world in particular. I think of them randomly, put em down in less than an hour and chronicle with a name. Thanks for the advice though.
[Image: chains_of_the_beast_by_goldfisharmada-d5tb7ke.jpg]

The Chain of the beast.

The beast hungers, but remains at bay, convinced by authorities of a forceful kind to linger away from its human prey.
Say hello to the Chains of the Beast, a chain gun which fires in adjustable burst to fully automatic fire. The Chains keep the beast at bay so that humanity can live another day. Say hello to the Chains of the Beast.

Firing a 5 millimeter by 20 round cartridge with a capacity of 230 rounds, the Chains of the Beast are mostly ammunition backed behind a short 7.5 inch barrel with flash suppressor, this mechanism is designed for suppression, support, defensive mount, and above all else, city engagement.

Though heavy, it is compact and ideally suited for breaching as its accuracy declines over longer distances, and other suppressive weapons often prove too long which can prove problematic at arms' distance.

The forward grip houses a bipod which can be engaged by releasing the buttons on the front and side of the grip. This would be used for long-term firing whilst a burst be employed while on the move so as to allow use of said grip in its collapsed form. This prevents overheating and allows for greater accuracy.
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