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[Image: hey__i_m_grump_by_longcriercat-d5rdzja.png]

[Image: i_m_not_so_grump_by_longcriercat-d5rfki6.png]

[Image: cod__gow__log_by_longcriercat-d5l14qg.png]

Does anyone here have a know how on game programming? I'm looking around for game engines to build an epic for every Game Grumps fan this year. I'm not sure if to go into MMF2 or Game Maker.

Oh, and aside from Grumps, here's my usual art.

[Image: springing_fuzzed_face_by_longcriercat-d5p1mc0.jpg]

[Image: angsty_anarchist_hedgehog_by_longcriercat-d59y4eu.png]

[Image: q_bert_garbles_gallumping_by_longcriercat-d53pv7c.png]
[Image: talkinghead_gif_01_by_longcriercat-d5seono.gif]

"Well, Jon..."
You've got talent !
I particularly like the spider
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