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Night's into Dreams was originally going to have a sequel for the Dreamcast, it was discussed, and was going to use a "motion controller" to play the game, but it was never put into practice

As seen below, the 3 pictures on the right show this controller.

[Image: DreamcastWond.jpg]

GunValkyrie (a planned Dreamcast game) was meant to be played with the Dreamcast Controller and the Light Gun at the same time.

Source (To be honest, it may not be great source, but googling it comes up with relevant results)

The High Resolution Patch for Half Life/Opposing Force/Blue Shift was originally built for the Dreamcast, for it's exclusive Side Story Blue Shift (which in itself was ported to the PC). As Half Life, along with Blue Shift never came out for the Dreamcast, it was then ported to PC with the High Res patch.

Source 2 (2nd Paragraph)

The Dreamcast's code name was Katana.

Sega made a lot of unreleased hardware for the Dreamcast including, a
Dreamcast DVD Player (which was an rumoured empty shell), A Zip Drive,
A Swatch Access?, and a really interesting A VMU MP3 player.

Also, a small Sega fact, Sega mean "Wank" or "To Masturbate" in Italian. Which was a big reason to why it was popular in Italy, and is rumoured to be a reason for the "Harder it gets" adverts.
released stuff, but only in Japan:

Nice I like AK, he's pretty cool.

Also, yeah the Dreameye was before the Eye Toy which was interesting.
Updating with some more Dreamcast stuff.

Shoichiro Irimjiri claimed that the Dreamcast's logo is supposed to symbolise the "origin of power", as the universe is "like a vortex"

The Entire Reason the PAL logo was changed from Red to Blue was because of a German Publishing Firm called "Tivola". It is usually cited as the reason Sega changed the logo.

[Image: Tivola_logo.png]

When Sega went bust. Microsoft wanted to buy Sega to try and make their way into the Video Game Market, but as you know, the deal never went though, this was because Bill Gates didn't think Sega had the power to stop Sony, and so they tried to do it themselves, and this ongoing losing battle is what we have today.


Ironically Sega's GD-Rom technology was created as DVD's were not available for Sega, and they wanted to create a disc that would be hard for pirates to copy and use.


Quote:Sega intended to use the format to curb piracy common to standard compact discs and to offer increased storage capacity. It is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity: around 1.2 gigabytes, which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD.
(01-18-2013 10:20 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]Also, a small Sega fact, Sega mean "Wank" or "To Masturbate" in Italian. Which was a big reason to why it was popular in Italy, and is rumoured to be a reason for the "Harder it gets" adverts.

Can't find anything on this, and translations just convert Sega to Saw.

If you google that, you can find that Sega means both Saw, but for regional slang, Sega means to wank.

Translating "farsi una sega" into English means "Jerking off".

You can also search around, people do say it means Wank.
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