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Full Version: Epic RPG Quest
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Hey everyone, been lurkin' around DYKG for a while now and I wanted to share a new project I've been working on. Its called the Epic RPG Quest and it is a comedic documenting of my personal journey to collect and play every single RPG ever made for the original playstation.

If that sounds cool to you, feel free to check out the list here...

and you can follow the text version here...

I have also started a video version which will document each playthrough with audio commentary by myself (An animator and comedian based out of Los Angeles) and Bill Rinaldi (The Martial Arts Coordinator for "The Legend of Kora.") The first two episodes are available here with a new episode every Mon. Weds. and Fri...

As I said, big fan of DYKG and its community so I wanted to share my small contribution that it helped inspire.
Shameless Self Promotion thread next time please.
(01-17-2013 12:59 PM)cingchris Wrote: [ -> ]Shameless Self Promotion thread next time please.

Oh total apologies, honestly thought this was the right place for this kind of thing. Totally understand.
This was actually quite amusing - thumbs up
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