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Has anyone got this game yet?

I got it last week for the
and I gotta say it is a very VERY fun and challenging game. I mean it's not like Mario Kart where you can boost into 1st and stay there, I've been knocked into 8th hundreds of times in this game, and getting past 4th is a difficult challenge for me in this game.

Not only that but Sega loves to tease us with the characters, Vyse and the Skies of Arcadia levels, Beat and the Jet Set Radio levels, and even some nice Super Monkey Ball and Sonic levels in the mix, it puts a smile on my face to see old levels and hear old music.

This is probably the one game I want for more than one console (3DS, Xbox)
Buying it later on. Only silver on Xbox at the moment and can't be bothered to get more gold and play other people. Not to mention this year has an amazing line-up starting with DmC.

TF2 characters are in it though

Oh wow Bumble, I think you're the one person in the world who seems to like the new DmC.
(01-11-2013 06:44 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]Oh wow Bumble, I think you're the one person in the world who seems to like the new DmC.

Nah there's a lot of people who like it and mostly support it. Game is looking to be amazing so far.
I joined back in October since YouTube comments aren't the DMC community. has a lot of support and some amazing talent on there, even they take the piss out of YouTube comments. Only a few more days!
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