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So guys, there are two ways of pronouncing SEGA.

One is Seh-gah, which is how it's meant to pronounce it, and everyone should pronounce it after this intro.

However, for some odd reason, there are people who pronounce it Say-Gah, I believe it's from this intro, and to be honest I hate it when people pronounce it like that.

But how do you guys pronounce it, Seh-Gah, or Say-Gah.

I myself say it like this.
The only way to say Sega is "SEEEEEH-GAAAAAAH"
The first two intros you posted are the same video. Just pointing that out.

I pronounce it as Seh-gah.
Like this:

Sorry, changed it. Got confused with the URL's.
I'm with Zombie Riot on this one.
In normal conversation, I say "Say-gah"
We need more brit-soundin' people in on this thread so that I can get some back-up Tongue
I don't think it really matters honestly

As long as people don't pronounce it See-gah
Say-gah? MORE LIKE SAY-WAH!? AMIRITE? AM I RIGHT?! HAH, HAH hah.... ah....
I'm just gonna go sit in that corner and stay quiet....
The sad thing is that i used to say "Segat" way before i knew HOW to say it.
Say-ga = me
I'm a Seh-gah kind of guy.
Depending on who I'm talking to, I change how I say it, since I know they dislike hearing it pronounced a certain way. I'm a dick like that.
I'm British guy with a compulsion to pronounce it Seh-Geh, always have always will.
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