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Full Version: Secret "Anti-Super Nintendo" Screen in Trouble Shooter/Battle Mania
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In JPN version of Vic Tokai's Battle Mania (known as Trouble Shooters in US) for Genesis, if one holds the C button on Controller 2 while the game's started up, it displays the protagonist Madison stomping furiously on a console which closely resembles an SNES.

The story goes that the director/producer was annoyed that the budget and team members he needed for this game were mostly taken by another in-house project for the SFC/SNES and thus got his own back by putting this little gem into the game.
The upshot of this was that Sega sent a fax to all its developers warning them not to deface other companies' characters or trademarks in their games.

Source from this video:

Also an animation to show this from close:

[Image: tumblr_lr69ku4Tby1qk3qlmo1_250.gif]
This one seems pretty legit. Worthy of a DYK post.
Quite interesting.
The SNES has a sad face! XD
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