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Hello. I'm quite a fan of this site! Gaming trivia, especially retro stuff, has always been fascinating to me.

I am Dastardly, as you can see. I'm not super interesting. Just a geek who doubles as an illustrator. My favorite game of all time is Dragon Quest III.

I hope to have a good time among the other denizens of the board!
Heh, welcome. I just joined myself.

Hope we can become somewhat good acquaintances and say the odd Hello to each other, and then say nothing for a few weeks.

Or, we become good friends.
Don't worry, I'm sure we'll cross paths several times. I'll always recognize your avatar, haha.
Heh, memorize the name, the avatar can change.

Still, good to know my avatar is making an expression.
Hi there sir! Wish ya best of luck in here.
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