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Another site I work with has a "new members" forum where people can introduce themselves to the community and make friends easier once they join. Just a suggestion :3

Edit: First post by a non admin! I'm sorry I couldn't resist! D:
Good idea.
I summon the power! Run! RUN!
Neat idea! Most forums I join just have a single thread for introductions.
i dont think anybody will ever read all or at least some of the introductions...
Well, there's already quite a few there Big Grin
A lot of forums carry this feature. Its good and almost always brings question from other users: "Where is the good-bye forum? I wish to say good bye to people because I am going off to war" (or some other blatant reason).

Is the bio of your profile not good enough as an introduction? If you like what a new user posted (I dunno, he has like 1 - 10 posts), then check his bio in his profile, if he decided to fill it in for other people to know them.

Seems I rant more than so, but I do have experience from administrating my own forums for over 10 years. =P

PS: This just gave me an idea for my bio.
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