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There is a "thing" in many Capcom-games, named "Yashichi".
[Image: Yasichi.gif]
This little helicopter-orange is sometimes an enemy, like in Capcom's 1st game "Vulgus" (go to 1:15)

sometimes, it's an item, like in "Mega Man"

[Image: mm1dw2yashichi.png]

or "Bionic Commando Rearmed"

[Image: Bionic-Commando-Rearmed-small-0375.jpg]

sometimes, it's an in-gag like in "Resident Evil 6"

[Image: xlarge.jpg]

and sometimes, it's a cursor like in "Street Fighter II Turbo" on the titlescreen, when staying on "Options"... but here, I couldn't find a screenshot.
[Image: 1942JSYashichiCammy.png]
Oh man that Cammy! Kreygasm

It's also found in Marvel vs Capcom 3. It's one of the items that Hsien-ko throws.
...and here is a "King of Dragons"-version:
[Image: 329826-king_of_dragons_yashichi2.png]
Look at the lower left corner beginning at 0:30 (the arcade-cabinet):

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