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With the release of Megaman x Street Fighter,what do you feel about the franchise.What is your fav.

I for once like Megaman 3 and Megaman X series

Also,Happy 25th anniversary Megaman!!
Never played a Megaman game in my life.
(12-09-2012 11:52 PM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote: [ -> ]Never played a Megaman game in my life.

You should play it,it be your biggest joyride of your life.
Played the big Megaman games. 1 to 10, legends XXL whatever, Battle Network and some other It's a good but isn't a game series I LOVE(!) compared to Resident Evil or Street Fighter from Capcom.
Did anyone else love Battle Network? The battlesystem was so awesome.
When I first saw that trailer I flipped out a little. I've never been much of a Megaman guy, but DAMN THAT LOOKS SO FUCKING COOL!
You know, this Megaman x Street Fighter pisses me off. I don't care if it's free, Capcom should stick to their words and stop making Megaman stuff if "the fans clearly do not want new content." I love Megaman and all, but Capcom is not going to win anyone back with this. I mean, I get it, they're not gonna make any console Megaman titles anymore, but stop whoring the character out like this. If they keep doing it this way, Megaman will be just like Sonic...
Urien! (Doing a Chariot Tackle)
[Image: 786d908a44d85920ee9b44dba53dccab.jpg?v=151200]

Live stream here:
Never liked street fighter and i wish this could just be megaman 11 but oh well.. Rather have this than nothing
I've only played a little bit of MM and MM2 and never really got into the games BUT as I really, REALLY love crossover games this one wins my attention. Propably gonna try it out.

I also think this is a nice gift from MM fans to MM fans. Hopefully you guys get more MM games in the future.
Anyone else have issues with the game going in slow-motion?
Gonna get that game now. I love the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, but I've never played the Battle Network and all of those DS Mega Man games. What about Mega Man 64? Everybody's favorite?
All I ever played of the Mega Man series was 1-4 for the Gameboy.

It's incredibly frustrating.
I played the first 3 megaman games as a kid and I still like them a lot to this day but my favorite by far is Megaman X. I've never played Legends or Battlenetwork but I'd like to give them a try.

Megaman vs Street Fighter is pretty cool, I tried it the other night and for a free game it's a nice touch from Capcom considering how dickish they have been for the past few years.
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