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Hey. I'm FYRE150; an all-around gamer. Besides playing videogames of all genres, my hobbies also include comedy and writing. Aaaaannnnnnd, I think that's it.
Hello FYRE150, before you can enter, you must answer me these questions three.
1 - Why the name "FYRE150" ?
2 - Where are you from and what is your story ?
3 - If you also like comedy and writing, can you write us a joke ?

Welcome to the forum Cool
I've chosen to answer your questions.
1 - I have no idea — unless you have a time machine so I can go back four years and ask myself.
2 - I'm Hispanic and I'm from Massachusetts. I now live in Orlando, Florida. That is all I will say.
3 - Write a joke. I don't typically write jokes — I'm a comedic playwright — but I might have one up my sleeve. (I look up my sleeve but I find nothing. I look around nervously; I cough profusely.) Uhh, The Twilight Saga.
Velcome velcome ja
New member ahoy!

Hi, hi.
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