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Full Version: See, I have an interesting DYK, but I cannot find source on it.
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About a year or so ago, I remember reading an article about Sega planting trees in a forest full of evergreens during 1998, the trees were planted to make the Dreamcast Logo. In Autumn, as the trees would turn brown and lose their leaves it would show the Dreamcast logo from above.

I have tried googling "Dreamcast logo made in trees" but keep getting off topic results.

So what I'm asking is if someone could find some source on this, I know it's true, I've seen it in an article before, but I cannot remember where.
I did googling a plenty and asked the cat, and neither gave me hide nor hair of an answer.
I'm sorry to deduce this, but if something like that isn't on the internet, it probably didn't happen.
I'm pretty good at digging out information for pretty much anything but I've found absolutely nothing on this. Sorry for the letdown...
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