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Full Version: Steam Group
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We now have one. Make sure you're signed in with your browser when trying to join.

And thus a chorus of cheers went up as some people weep in happiness. This is awesome news!
It says that invites are members only so whose balls does SERIOUSLY gotta stab to get me in? My steam account is Xannidel.
I joined. Woo.

I don't play steam like ever, but I joined anyways.
Make sure you're logged in or it'll say invite only.
Okay I was too lazy to log in to Steam from my internet browser, joined.
Sure, joined too.
I joined.

You will probably see me there more often than the forums.

That also mean that you can bring up forum stuff with me at the DYKG Steam Chat if there's something you want to talk about.
Awww yeah gurl! [Image: Kreygasm.png]
That's not fair. >_<

I feel like pointing out that around this hour the chat is somewhat active, unlike most groups at Steam.
For some odd reason Steam is being retarded, or I am being retarded and I can't sign in because I don't know my password.

Could someone invite "The Stusbu" to the group?
I like posting Kappa faces and asking When's Marvel.
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