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[PC] Touhou 6 : Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

For the ones who actually played Touhou 6, you must know there is only two playable character, "Reimu Hakurei" and "Marisa Kirisame"...

And, actually, a third character was supposed to be playable, a character called "Rin Satsuki" (ๅ†ดใ€€ๆœˆ้บŸ) , her attack type should be called "Flower Sign" and "Wind Sign", both can be seen in the game's code.

The appearance of character is still "really" unknown, there is a picture of an unknown character (that appear on Team Shanghai Alice's circle ad, when Touhou 6 was released) that people consider to be her.

There is also few unused sprites of an unknown character in the game, but still, no one really if it's really her or not.

Source : Touhou Project Wiki

-Unused name & attack on the game's code : >Link<
-Character portrait : >Link<
-Unknown sprites (Credit to "Gabrielwoj" for ripping those) : >Link<

[PC] Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame's look

Another thing I've just saw right now, the main character of the Touhou series, Reimu and Marisa got a huge change trough Touhou 5 (Mystic Square) and Touhou 6 (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil), nothing really new...
... but, it's half true.

Reimu & Marisa first apparition with their new look was in a game called "Shuusou Gyoku", a Danmaku game which ZUN (the creator of Touhou) who contributed to the game, which also got an "Extra Stage", featuring both main Touhou's character as boss cameo... In their new outfit.

Also, Shuusou Gyoku was released in 2000, Touhou 6 was in 2002.

Reimu's portrait :
Reimu's Touhou 5 portrait (Click to View)
Reimu's Shuusou Gyoku portrait (Click to View)
Reimu's Touhou 6 artwork (Click to View)

Marisa's portrait :
Marisa's Touhou 5 portait (Click to View)
Marisa's Shuusou Gyoku portait (Click to View)
Marisa's Touhou 6 portait (Click to View)

Edit: Also, "Yuuka Kazami", another Touhou character, also appear in "Kioh Gyoku" as a playable character.
Title changed + a new "Did you know" about Touhou. (Character's look)
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