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The title I guess.
So request away.
Sprites I have made (some may be unfinished):
[Image: TheArtof143.png]
[Image: Ninetails.png]
[Image: Zubacool.png]
[Image: Tentabat.png]
[Image: ShadowHo-oh.png]
[Image: ShadowLugia.png]
[Image: XD001.png]
[Image: XD002.png]
[Image: NIDOMARE5.png]
[Image: AbsolGinjinka.png]
[Image: ChuVonya.png]
[Image: CircularDiskOfTouture2.png]
[Image: done-3.png]
[Image: 3rdonetoday.png]
[Image: Anotherone-1.png]
[Image: YES.png]
[Image: ThatGuy.png]
and my personal favorite:
[Image: LinkampVolkner2.png]
Other sprites I've made:
[Image: Kryun.png]
[Image: MegaMen-2.png]
(Max out picture count, so I can't show everything.)

So request away if you'd like anything, even stuff that I didn't show.
Frikkin' awesome stuff too. Love the Rainbow Ninetails, Raichu Trainer, SteelScizor an Ryu (looks like he's about to do a Shin Shoryuken).
The Haxorus/Nite looks a bit off though.
Good stuff.
Also, if this is a gallery you can post multiple times in a row (reserved spaces) to show more images.
Well bugger me sideways and call me toast this is pretty darn excellent.

As a master project, you could try and mage a HUGE hybrid sprite with all 151 first Pokómens
[Image: ZombieCharizard.png]
Made this after seeing Darknerd's forum.
Tried my best to emulate his style.
I can't quite see them because they're on photobucket, a site my school blocks. is one I reccommend (and frequently use) because it's quick and simple. I'm not trying to advertise it, I'm trying to see your sprites to give you some positive critique.
[Image: 10qxisj.jpg]
[Image: mwsfaw.png]
[Image: 27zfzoo.png]
[Image: 11w3eqt.jpg]
[Image: ka38l5.png]
[Image: c6ck0.png]
[Image: 2cerfxi.png]
[Image: 1twuwg.png]
[Image: 2ai3l2a.png]
[Image: qy7p0m.png]
[Image: mjaekn.png]
[Image: 5zobo3.png]
[Image: x0xvgm.png]
[Image: hs83li.png]
[Image: 54gf1d.png]
[Image: 21bn536.png]
[Image: ht91ra.png]
[Image: 345dkzk.png]
Other Sprites:
[Image: 339m4bm.png]
[Image: jh8tvn.png]

[Image: 2nu7m6u.png]
[Image: 246rwg2.png]
Trainers 1, 2, & 4, Pokemon 4, 6, 7 &10, Other Sprites 1, and both zombies still don't show.
But I am noticing a difficulty with your outlining and shading. Pokemon and trainers should always have shading, even the blood on the Ninetails. You also don't usually go from a light outline (Like the girl next to animal's clothes) to a Black outline. That's used for something that emits light (like fire), with the black outline outlining something blocking it. It's alright to go from a light fill to a dark outline, just not a black outline, in most cases.
[Image: UltimateLifeForm_zpse753fb31.png]
Prototype of what I like to call "#TheUltimateLifeForm" (Look up BSC's Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough if you don't get the joke.)
(12-23-2012 04:42 PM)Takahashi2212 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: UltimateLifeForm_zpse753fb31.png]
Prototype of what I like to call "#TheUltimateLifeForm" (Look up BSC's Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough if you don't get the joke.)

1 - Why is there a number sign infront of the name
2 - How would one pronounce the name with said number sign
3 - Surely only having one wing would make this creature fly around in circles ?

In any case, that's a very nicely done sprite
[Image: Hisfinalform_zps93417771.png]
His final form.
Those splices are beautiful, and you deserve rep for that Megaman Captain Falcon.
[Image: Batman4_zps75e7e068.png]
Not Pokemon related (or a sprite) but something I drew.
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