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I just saw the new update and it reminded me of another disturbing thing about Giygas. Within the back drop a human fetus can be seen.

[Image: 1000px-Giygas.jpg]

Another thing I just found out is that the entrance gate also looks like a cervix.

[Image: 33vyn7l.png]

So Ninten destroyed Giygas in Mother (who looks like Mewtwo). In Earthbound he tries to become reborn, so Ness essentially aborted him.
Not really a did you know,since it seriously the first topic anyone discusses about when they are mentioning earthbound.

Also it is Ninten,not Nester.
Yeah I don't know why I wrote Nester thanks for pointing that out. Actually, I just found someone had already mention this in the Pending list. For some reason my searches didn't bring it up.
Just a thing,I remember that in Earthbound he don't try to reborn.He
became "pure evil",and Ness are sent back in the past to destroy him.
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