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Hello everyone^^

My name is Impergatox....well, it is not my real name but I will use it here.
I'm from Germany so I could have a bad grammar but I hope my sentences are understandable. Of course I like to play videogames and I am a fan of That are two reason why I came to this forum. I also hope my grammar will be better if I write here^^
The origin of my Name "Impergatox" is the german name of Feraligatr: Impergator. I just replaced the "r" with a "x". I often use this name.
As you could guess I'm a fan of Pokémon. I also like my old SNES-games and animes/mangas. Moreover I like to draw but my pictures are.... naja.
I hope that we will have an interesting time here and I hope that my text was understandable Big Grin

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